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I just wanna BURN these books.

So you thought all I did was party, attend events and take over the city of Atlanta huh? WRONG! First things, first-> I am a student and some of you tend to forget that, I even forget it from time to time...but then reality hits me. This week is full of assignments, tests, meetings, practices and I'm sure I am missing something else. College is about work- and thats what I am here to do. My grades are the best they have ever been and I be damned if I mess that up now, considering school is almost over. My motivation is this upcoming weekend. My bestfriend, Jovel turns 20 and a "foreign" person comes in town for the weekend from London. Not to mention we are out Friday for Good Friday and I am sure there will be an abundant amount of trouble to get in. But first, SCHOOL! As a matter of fact, why am I writing this, I need to study. :: logs off and opens a book ::


A Classic Beauty.

Yes, I am a sucker for a pretty girl- you all should know that by now. As I always say, having beauty with no brains is like being in college with no classes- pointless. Meet the beautiful Nesha, a senior at Spelman College! I remember seeing this girl walk around campus all the time and I always said to myself "who is she? OMG!!" We met earlier this semester and she has to be one of the nicest and most genuine people I have had the pleasure of meeting since I been here in Atlanta. She always has that smile that can light up a dark room on her face, Nesha is a classic beauty with the personality, intellect and style that it takes to make all the heads turn... yours included.



Have you ever been happy just because? -wake up with a smile on your face, and go to sleep with a smile on your face as well? If not, you are missing out on such a beautiful feeling. School is going great, my midterm grades were the best they have ever been, my social life is solid and I am steady making moves here in Atlanta. My friends appreciate my company and I appreciate theirs. My love life... well somethings I keep to myself but when its all said and done, I am HAPPY and loving each and every moment of it. I pray that this feeling continues and strengthens over time. That is all..


Coming Soon.. [Talent Spotlight]

You all know how I roll. I only surround myself with the movers and shakers of this new era I like to call: The Young and Powerful. My friends consist of up and coming artists, models and entrepreneurs, just to name a few. They say you are who you surround yourself with, that being said, I must be talented, intelligent and making moves. Meet Michael Oloyede best known as Mike O. I met this guy previous to me moving to Atlanta during the summer of 2008. Since then Mike and myself have grown to become really good friends. I'm sure you have seen us around the city and we have even walked in a few fashion shows together, but thats besides the point. I appreciate seeing young black men like myself who are motivated and passionate about what they do. Mike is a student at Georgia State University and is one of my favorite up and coming "new faces". He has the drive, the intellect and social abilities that it takes to make it and become something epic. We ARE the future and I don't know about you but I am ready to make a mark on my generation and those to come. If you're ready to take the ride as well, grab your ticket and get on the train. We have moves to make, don't get left behind.

source of 1st picture: http://cocainepretti.blogspot.com/2010/03/meiple.html


"If You Ain't Living, Stop Looking" #SB10

"You've been a very bad boy, a very bad bad boy kyrell" - yes its true, I wasn't on my best behavior in Miami, but who was? After all it was Spring Break. We stayed right on Ocean Drive, we had the luxury of walking outside our door to the ocean. The food, the DRINKS, the parties and the carelessness was something that I could certainly get use too. Our typical day consisted of waking up mid day and going to brunch, followed by drinks, shopping and the beach. My whole "Bad Boy" mentality was in full effect and boy did I live life on the edge. We were something like "out of town celebs". Everywhere we went, we had random people stopping us saying "damn, they fly" or "can we take a picture with you all?" You know I lived for it. We spent time with old friends, met new people and those in between. I'm sure you're wondering if I had a "spring break fling" huh? WELL, you not gonna get to know it all. Lets just say that next year I plan on going out the country- Puerto Rico, Jamaica or even London (#igotmylife). The beach was the hang out spot and who would of ever thought that I would get in the ocean, well I did (although I am anti big bodies of water). SO much more happened but the saying "what happens in Miami, stays in Miami" still stands with me. The pictures speak volumes-- I am proud to say I held it together to get a few click click flashes.