"Come here, let me SCHOOL you"

YES, its true, I've been a little "behind the scenes" when it comes to being seen on campus this semester. However, just in case you forgot being a scholar is one of my hustles and to be honest it is my main hustle. Everyday I run into someone who says: "ky where have you been? I never see you anymore." I go to class, get my education, smile in my professors face, do my work and leave. Why stay on campus and "hang out" when I can be increasing my net worth & network? Thursday night after I left the office, I made an "appearance" in the infamous Douglas Study Hall. You thought I just dressed up, walked around campus and signed autographs eh? WRONG! I am a full time student who attends class everyday (unlike most) and not only am I in class, I am excelling. Don't let the fur around my neck and dark frames on my face fool you. I am a scholar and my GPA speaks for itself. Are you even registered?

take a seat, & open a book..

Books, Conversation & Knowledge

Studying.. some of you should #tryITout.

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