Don't walk.. PUMP!

"Oh you tried that!" one of the many phrases that were said at the Project NeXt model call last week for their upcoming Spring Show in April. The model call was a success and it bought back so many memories. The host of the night was myself along with co-director Moses Counts. Some of the judges saw it for some of the models and others.... well lets just say they got the HI-YAH! (CUT!). Today is their first official practice for the show and I am sure it will be interesting. If I see a girl come to practice in a wedge of a boot I am going to SCREAM! This is their last show so it is going to be major. Be on the lookout for more info. This is one show that you DO NOT want to miss. Now go work on your platform and while you're at it, dust your mug because some of 'em need a hug! That is all.

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