Love don't live here no 'mo!

The day after... when all the candy is gone, the teddy bears are somewhere in your room and more than likely you got into an argument with your significant other. Well, us single folks don't have to worry about all that stuff. So you all are probably wondering, how I spent my Valentines Day eh? Well let me tell you as Junior Mafia's "GET MONEY" plays in the background. I went to the movies, and out to eat the day before Valentines day which was more eventful than valentines day itself. It was a coincidence that I spent this Valentines Day with the same person I spent it with last year, just a different relationship. Enough said... I spent the actual day- doing some work, attended a Glee Club concert for my music class and then I came back to watch television in my bed, alone! Which was perfectly fine with me. All that lovey- dovey shhiiii is for the birds.. chirp chirp... RIGHT! You wanted ME to be YOUR valentine? hahaha, yeah right! My dentist and I are against the whole chocolate thing and the teddy bears? What I'm suppose to do with that? I'll pass. You wanna sign a check? Oh now we talking..

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