The Saks Fifth Ave of Cheapness.

ahhhhh!! TARGET! This has to be on my favorite places to go in the entire world. Its a one stop shop. Magazines, Groceries, Underwear, food, school supplies etc. Yesterday once I came from the office, Leighton and I decided to head to the infamous Target in Atlantic Station since we both haven't been in a while. I don't know what it is, but when I go to Target I experience a sense of calmness. Wal-Mart makes me sleepy and I dread going but Target is just different. I always make my way back to where all the magazines are and then I proceed to the candy isle. You too good to shop at Target? Little do you know, all the GRAND people appreciate Target, including myself. I won't mention who I run into Target when I go, especially in Atlanta but as I stated before, I am the celebrity in my eyes, I just so happen to go when other fellow celebrities are there. That is all...

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