I want THIS & THAT! [Birthday edition]

Its a celebration snitches.. its 3 days away! You know that day I was born, it will be a national holiday one day- mark my words. Well, a lot of people have been asking me "ky, what are you doing for your birthday?" or my favorite. "ky, what do you want?". I have no idea what I am doing as of now but I DO know what I want. These are just a FEW options of many and if you know me well, then this post should be irrelevant BUT I guess I will take the time to school some of you who may be lost, like duh! You can google these to find where you can purchase them, I wear a small and NO my size is NOT negotiable.

1. Polarized lenses OR the Smoke Grey Ant Sunglasses
2. A 3-finger ring
3. The Infamous "YSL" Yves Saint Laurent Tee
4. Navy Jersey Mesh American Apparel Tank
5. VOGUE inspired Tee
6. Dee & Ricky Pendant
7. Brown/Cognac backpack
and of course money is always appreciated. When I say "money" I am talking about STACKS! Hit me up for my account info if you are trying to make that deposit. You have 3 days to shop for me, so with that being said, What are you waiting for?

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  1. ok I can't promise anything but I can try hun ;D Happy Early bday!