"Ky, you're wild & I love it" (Birthday Recap)

"What do you want to drink ky?" ... when I tell you I have the BEST friends in the world, I mean it. As you all now my 20th birthday was last Thursday, February 25th. I have been celebrating since last Wednesday (hence no recent posts). I woke up and got dressed, the birthday suit consisted of YSL, Ralph Lauren and Fox. I went to get a Mocha Frap and a bagel and then proceeded to my only class of the day. The evening was approaching and I knew something was going on, but I had no clue to what it was. Well to make a long story short I go to my friends room and open the door and all these people say "SURPRIIISSEEEE!" they had cake, ballons, and wine. We made a toast and it was on to the next location. I thought we were going to SLICE on Peter Street as we do every thursday BUT we went to 255 Tapas Lounge instead. I'm like "what is going on, can we go to slice?" I walk to the back and there is everyone just waiting for me! I was shocked. We drank, ate, laughed and did some other things and then we went to Adrene's Boutique for a little fashion party. After that, we were off to the strip club. I can't tell you everything, because everything isn't meant to be told. The entire weekend is a BLUR to me! The stories that people have been telling me have been pretty intense, from dancing on bars, to being the life of the party, to getting lap dances. I only turn twenty once, so why not? Friday we ran the town, and Saturday we did the same, I even saw Jay and Beyonce' Sunday, I waved and they waved back. Part 2 of my birthday will continue in MIAMI next week! Be sure to click here to check out some more pics that my boy Marquis Phifer of Lateboots.com took.
photo credit: Marquis Phifer (Lateboots.com)

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