I just wanna BURN these books.

So you thought all I did was party, attend events and take over the city of Atlanta huh? WRONG! First things, first-> I am a student and some of you tend to forget that, I even forget it from time to time...but then reality hits me. This week is full of assignments, tests, meetings, practices and I'm sure I am missing something else. College is about work- and thats what I am here to do. My grades are the best they have ever been and I be damned if I mess that up now, considering school is almost over. My motivation is this upcoming weekend. My bestfriend, Jovel turns 20 and a "foreign" person comes in town for the weekend from London. Not to mention we are out Friday for Good Friday and I am sure there will be an abundant amount of trouble to get in. But first, SCHOOL! As a matter of fact, why am I writing this, I need to study. :: logs off and opens a book ::

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