Where Is My Co-Star ?

So recently, I've been doing some thinking and soul searching and the theme of love has been on my mind lately? Yeah, I know I know, just a month ago I was dissing Valentine's Day and all of that but I guess you can say I've had a change of heart. I just think that being successful and having everything in the world with no one to share it with, is pointless. I appreciate power couples. The kind where BOTH individuals are about business and growing; personally and as one. I was in the airport on the way back to Atlanta from Miami (Spring Break post coming tomorrow) and I saw so many happy couples. It kind of made me cringe and I then asked myself: "ky are you ready for love?" I am very independent so I look for someone who is just as busy as I am, and understands the life I live. I don't need to see you everyday to know that we're a "couple"... to be honest a long distance relationship would probably be best for me, but then the whole trust thing comes in to play. Why is this so complex? I know I can't rush it, one day i'll find the ying to my yang, I suppose..

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